Seoul Internationl LaborMedia '97

Labor Movement and Media
: Workers, Information Technology and Solidarity

at Seoul, Korea
Monday, 10 November бн Wednesday, 12 November

  1. Agenda for the next millenium

"Labor Movement and Media :

Workers, Information Technology and Solidarity"

It is urgent concern of labor movement how to use the communication media including video, radio, internet, etc and how to deal with the impacts caused by the rapidly developing technologies. The difficulties, challenges and possibilities based on the technological changes are more apparent at the end of this century and the debates on organizing new structure of network consisting of the activists in the communication area.
In that sense, in spite of total lack of financial resources and experiences, we, the Korean activists are trying to organize a conference on "Labor Movement and Media : Workers, Information Technology and Solidarity" and the international labor video and film festival in Seoul, Korea. As the nationwide general strike showed not only the energy of the working class who want to fight against the capitalist attack on the global level, but also the ability of using the communication media such as the internet and the video for information-sharing and strengthening the solidarity on the national and international level, (See this place can be a symbolic and realistic space for all of you to discuss the various issues facing the working people.
For three days, there will be a conference and also a festival by participants from diverse activists in Korea and all over the world. In addition, at the previous day of the conference there will be an annual mass rally will be organized by KCTU (Korean confederation of trade unions which organized the general strike in January) and it will be a great opportunity to see and feel the impetus of the struggle of the Korean labor movement.
We hope the conference can be the participatory and interactive during the whole preparatory process. The issues presenters mentioned here in this proposal are still abstract and temporary plan and can be amended and improved with your suggestion and participation. We will be waiting for your messages of any kind such as the subjects, the presenters, the titles of the film and videos, and funding. And your suggestion and participation is the essential part of our organizing process !

See you in Seoul.

And solidarity for the next millenium !

  2. Session & Workshop

2-1 Session

session 1 : Globalization, information and labor movement

session 2 : Information, changing of workplace and policy of labor movement

2-2 Workshop

W-1 LaborNet and organizing labor movement
W-2 Development and spread of new media
W-3 Labor video movement and organizing workers
W-4 Final debate

  3. Possible Presenters

* trade unions
* labor media movement organization
* worker's education organization

  4. International Labor Video and Film Festival

бс 97.11.10 бн 12
бс Organizer : Labor News Production
бс Screening will be open to the public
and there will be a meeting with some video and film makers.

  5. Schedule

бс Seoul, Korea
бс 97.11.8 бн 9 : Participating in '97 Workers mass rally
бс 97.11.10 бн12: Seoul International LaborMedia '97

бс Schedule

Saturday, 8 November
3:00 PM : Registration B (See 'registration fee')
7:00 PM : an Eve of Mass rally

Sunday, 9 November
12:00 AM : participating in '97 Workers mass rally
6:00 PM : Registration A(See 'registration fee')

Monday, 10 November
10:00 AM: Opening Ceremony : Introducing the participants
12:00 PM: Lunch
1:00 PM: Session 1
3:00 PM: Workshop 1
5:00 PM: International Labor Video and Film Festival Opening Ceremony
6:30 PM: Dinner
* Screening will start at 3:00 PM

Tuesday, 11 November :
10:00 AM: Workshop 2
1:00 PM: Lunch
2:00 PM: Workshop 3
6:00 PM: Dinner

Wednesday, 12 November
10:00 AM: Session 2
12:00 PM: Lunch
1:30 PM: Workshop 4
5:00 PM: Closing Ceremony of the conference and the festival

  6. Registration Fee

A :

evening of November 9 - morning of November 13
- Including accommodation for four nights with all meals
* Private room : 100 $
* Pension : 210 $

B :

evening of November 8 - morning of November 13
- Including accommodation for five nights with all meals
and participating in Worker's mass rally
* Private room : 130 $
* Pension : 250 $

* 30% discount for Underdeveloped Country
* Previous registration discount
up to 15 September : 20% discount
up to 15 October : 10% discount
* sponsor fees : $1,500 (All sponsoring organizations will be fully credited in all conference publication and media-coverage.)
--> As of 22nd of August, the funding for this event is organized by just donation of the organizations in the committee (KCTU is not a funding sponsor) and even if all the organizers will voluntarily participate, this is just a part of the cost. We hope international donation can help this event become a true international event as we plan.

  7. Organizers (As of August 22nd)

Labor News Production(LNP)
Task Group for Labor Information(TGLI)
Social Information Networking Group(SING)
Solidarity for Democracy and Progress(SDP)
Korea research institute for worker's human rights and justice (KRIWRJ)

  8. Sponsor (As of August 22nd)

Korea Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU),

  Contact point of the conference organizer

Seoul International LaborMedia '97 Committee
tel : +82-2-855-1913
fax : +82-2-858-1913
e-mail :
www :

  Contact point of the festival organizer

(Attention !) Those who want to participate in the festival or are interested in the presentation related with visual media, please contact the festival organizer.

Labor News Production

Myoung Joon Kim
address : 102, Jihoon Villa, 482-2, Sangdo 1 dong,Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea
fax : +82-2-826-0151
e-mail :

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