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**  Issue No.1  **

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                                                      written by MJ Kim and JY Lee

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Dear freinds and comrades

This is the 4th issue of newletter on LaborMedia 97. In this issue, we hereby included propose more specific but temporary proposal on the conference to build the final plans for the conference. Thank you for all the participation from all around the world and hopefully get more specific opinions and thoughts on the various issues. Our conference and the festival is now at the final stage of preparation and shaping the concrete structure gradually. We encourage all the people participate in this process.

* If you want to send the mail to directly all the people listed in this newsletter, you can use the mailing list :


* Details of Workshop Programme

A roughly outlined subjects of workshop was carried in the previous issue.

The following contains the more detailed items of each workshop, which were settled on each meeting of organizing committee and conference subcommittees. It doesn't mean workshop programme is finally concluded.
On the contrary, reviewing the following subjects you may find out what you contribute. The chance of presentation is still available. Also, the schedule and title of each presentation are subjected to change.

Workshop #1 : Media and Labor Movement

1. Media _Onul_/Korean Federation of Press Unions(KFPU) : Labor Union's Weekly Newspaper specializing in Media Review
2. Korea Research Institute for Workers' Human Rights and Justice : Labor Newspaper utilizing Facsimile
3. Korea Labor Policy and Information Center(KLPIC) : Labor Movement and Daily Labor News ! Case of _Maeil_ Labor News
4. Solidarity of Progressive Information and Communications(SPIC) : The Current Conditions and the Possibilities of Online Newsletter
5. _Uri_ Cartoon Research Institute : The Development and Proliferation of Labor Cartoon

Workshop #2 : Labor Movement and Information

1. Korean Subway Labor Union Federation(KCLUF) : Labor Union Movement and Utilization of Closed User Group(CUG) Service
2. The Federation of Korean Trade Unions(FKTU), Computing Team : Labor Union Organization and Office Automation
3. Solinet : Networking and Organizing Activities of Labor Union
4. Korea Labor Policy and Information Center(KLPIC) : The Development of Labor-related Database and Its Future (I)
5. Korea Research Institute for Workers' Human Rights and Justice : The Development of Labor-related Database and Its Future (II)

Worshop #3 : The Current Condition and the Tasks of the International Labor Video Movement

1. Steve Zeltzer(U.S., LaborNet-IGC, Labor Video Project, UPPNET) : The situation of labor video and networking of the labro video activists in US.
2. Myoung Joon Kim (Korea, Labor News Production) : Labor video in Korea, making of the general strike videos
3. Akira Matsubara (Japan, Video Press) : use of videos and the internet to strengthen solidarity between the Liverpool dockers and Japanese sacked workers (Kokuro) Labor use of video for the solidarity with the international workers
4. David G. Ohlenroth (US, Labor Beat) : Experience of Labor Beat in US
5, Julius Fisher (Canada, Working TV) : Experience of labor video in Canada

Workshop #4 : Networking and International Solidarity of Labor Movement

1. Steve Zeltzer(U.S., LaborNet-IGC) : The Current Condition of Labornet Movement and Its Future
2. Chris Bailey(U.K., Labournet) : The Strike of Liverpool Dockworkers and the Internet
3. Eric Lee(Canada, Author of _Labor Movement and Internet_) : The Current Situation of International Solidarity through the Internet and Its Possibilities
4. Telecommunication Taskgroup for General Strike(TTGS) : Networking and International Solidarity ! Case of General Strike in South Korea
The schedule of the workshops is not decided yet. And also we think there can be some change on this proposal.
For example, the content of workshop No.4 can be moved to the 1st day of the conference as titled "Introduction of expereince from various countries" and the workshop 4 must focus on networking and solidarity project including internet and video activists. And also there must be moderator for each workshop to introduce and procedd the discussions.

* Concerning the use of video and film, possible subject based on the pre-discussion through e-mail are as follows. ( ex : newsletter issue No.3 )

1, Evaluation on different situations
 : modality of production and distribution in each country
  - public access in America, union distribution, satellite in South Africa
 : Relation between filmmakers and the labor organizations
  - America, South Africa, Korea and Japan
2, The long-term strategy of the use of film and video by labor movement
 : example of AFL-CIO - spending the money in the Ad or organizing own grass-roots media, which way do we have to go on ?
3, Strategy for converging labor media
 : How to use the web site and video stream technology in the internet Database, Trailer screening and newsletter publishing etc.
4, How to establish the practical international distribution and information-sharing network of labor video and film : principals, tactics and organzing structure --> regular networking (information distribution and exchange of videos) and urgent fast turn-around method
5, Role of labor organizations and labor media activists in the democratic media movement
6, Next labor conference on communication suggested by South African activists
We hope we can get the specific suggestion on our schedule and issues for the conference from you as soon as possible.

* Possible International guests
 (more than 10 people will participate as of October 21st)

Steve Zeltzer (USA)

David G. Ohlenroth (USA)
Five participants from Japan : Akira Matsubara (Video Press)   Yumi Sasaki (Video Press)  Tetsuo Anzai (Publishing Union `NETS')  Mr.Domatsu and Nitta of  Ogawamachi-Cineclub

Julius Fisher (Canada)

Eric Lee (Israel)

Chris Bailey (UK)

And more people are being contacted for participation.

* Festival update

- <Metro Days of Action Show> by Julius Fisher (Working TV / Canada)

- <Fastfood Women> by Anne Johnson (Appalshop / U.S.A)

- Video clips on Turkey labor movement sent by Onder Ozdemir (Turkey)

- Videos on Palestine labor movement sent by Assaf Adiv (Israel)

- Videos from Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU / South Africa)

- <Out at work> by Kelly Anderson and Tami Gold (U.S.A)

- <All For One> by UPPNET (U.S.A)

- <Mouseconsin> by Mike Konopacki (U.S.A)

- Videos by Anne Marie Sweeny (UK)

- <We are not your monkeys>,<Occupation:Mill worker> by Anand Patwardhan (India)

- <Flickering Flame> by Ken Loach (UK)

- <Roger & Me> by Michael Moore (U.S.A)

- <The death by overwork> by Cine Club (Japan)

- Videos from Colombia

- <Cause of Ireland> by Chris Reeves (Ireland)

- <Urgent report on General Strike vol2> by Labor News Production (Korea)

- <the Fired workers> by Labor News Production (Korea)

- <The night before strike> by Jang-San-Got-Mae (Korea)

Besides these works, we are expecting that some more works from Brazil, the Republic of Ireland etc will participate in the festival.

* List of contacted activists


Steve Zeltzer : Labor Video Project, LaborNet-IGC, UPPNET

Larry Duncan : Labor Beat, UPPNET

Daymon j. Hartley : Detroit newspaper worker

Appalshop : Non-profit media organization, distributor of <Fastfood women>

Kelly Anderson and Tami Gold : Director of <Out at work>

Mike Konapacki : Director of <Mouseconsin>

Michael Moore : Director of <Roger & Me>, <The Big One>

David G. Ohlenroth : Labor Beat いU.K

Chris Bailey : LaborNet

Greg Dropkin : Video activist

Ken Loach : Director of <Flickering Flame>

Anne Marie Sweeney : Director of <Women on the Waterfront>

Paul Field


Eric Lee : Author of <The labor movement and the interent>

Assaf Adiv : WAC


Akira Matsubara : Video press Cineclub


Onder Ozdemir


Rodrigo Assumptio : Videazimut


Anand Patwardhan : Director of <We are not your monkeys>,<occupation : mill workers>


Julius Fisher : Director of <Metro Days of Action Show>

Tom O'Brien : Canadian Labor Congress/Director Communications

いSouth Africa

Marcus Toerian : Center for Democratic Communications (CDC)

Kubeshni Govender : FAWU Media Officer Food and Allied Workers Union (Head Office)

いHaiti (currently)

Alfonso Gumucio-Dagron


Luis Fernando Baron


Ted Weisberg

Gorgio Schute

* If anybody wants to contact any of them individually, please contact us.

** Contact point of the conference organizer
 Seoul International LaborMedia '97 Committee
 tel : +82-2-855-1913
 fax : +82-2-858-1913
 e-mail : labornet@nodong.net
 www : http://lmedia.nodong.net/1997/
** Contact point of the festival organizer

--> (Attention !) Those who want to participate in the festival or are
interested in the presentation related with visual media, please contact

the festival organizer.
 Labor News Production
 Myoung Joon Kim
 address : 102, Jihoon Villa, 482-2, Sangdo 1 dong, Dongjak-gu,
           Seoul, Korea
 fax : +82-2-826-0151
 e-mail : LNP89@chollian.net

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